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Items such as refrigerators and furniture that are not permitted to be stored may not be cleaned unless both parties agree in writing. If applicable, we will not clean cabinets if the item has not been removed.   

Furnished if applicable, we will not clean if warranted as kitchen utensils occupy cabinets and drawers. Exclusion from furnished property: We do not clean if this is justified for niceties, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, bed linen and decorative items.   

You and your landlord should have a thorough cleaning checklist at the end of the tenancy, which must be completed before moving into the apartment. If your landlord or estate agent provides you with a checklist for cleaning at the end of the lease, we will use it to ensure that each item is maintained. Pug, dusting, vacuuming and sweeping are required when we clean your entire home from top to bottom.    

If your real estate agent or landlord is satisfied with the cleaning, the return on the deposit (RTBA) will be much faster. Apartment bonds can be refunded depending on a satisfactory outcome of the house.   

It is crucial that you leave the apartment in perfect condition if you want to get your deposit back. When you leave an apartment, it is just as important to leave it in pristine condition as the full deposit.    

You can count on the professionalism and competence of Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning to complete this daunting task for you. A dedicated team of house cleaners specializes in handling objects that require detailed deep cleaning, cleaning and moving cleanly. To ensure that your apartment is clean, you will need to spend time, effort and money to purchase cleaning products and equipment.   

We offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to remove stubborn stains and unpleasant smells. We use our own state-of-the-art equipment and detergents of highest quality to provide perfect cleaning results at the end of the tenancy. We are committed to providing an impeccable cleaning service every time you book with us.    

We are a cleaning company and know that no two rentals are the same. In fact, we are so confident of our cleaning capabilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Although we started out as a small cleaning company, we have since become one of Melbourne’s leading clearing and cleaning companies.   

We are confident that your real estate agent, property manager or landlord will accept our cleaning. For your additional security, we offer you a guarantee if you decide that we will carry out the cleaning of the lease bonds at your location. We are the leading cleaning company in Melbourne offering vacancy cleaning with a 100% bond guarantee.   

We take the stress out of cleaning in Melbourne, because if you clean your premises to property standards, you will get 100% of your deposit back. This allows you to focus on more valuable activities such as settling into your next home rather than cleaning your old one.    

If you need a final cleaning in Melbourne at short notice, give us a call. We take care of all your cleaning needs, even if you do not have much time.    

If you are dealing with dirty or empty apartments as a landlord or caretaker, our cleaning services can help at the end of the tenancy. If you’re looking for the best end of the lease, look no further than Jim’s Cleaning Group.   

It’s not easy to find a reliable end to rent cleaning in the metropolitan Melbourne. The last thing they want to think about is cleaning, and cleaning the bindings requires a lot of work and great skill. If you have enough time and energy, you know exactly what landlords and estate agents expect from cleaning.   

Landlords and letting agents pay particular attention to the cleanliness of their rental properties. Moving into a house can cost a lot, so tenants often try to do the cleaning themselves to save money.    

BondcleaningInMelbourne uses the latest cleaning techniques and products at a time when there is normal wear and tear and it is not possible for us to make an object look new. We take photos of the objects in order to prove to the administrator that the object is in good condition without special intervention.   

We understand how painful it can be when you lose your bond, so we strive to provide excellent service to ensure you get your bond back. We employ the best Bond Certified, Insured and Experienced to provide the best end-of-tenancy cleaning services in Melbourne. Cheap Chip Cleaning offers same-day cleaning services at the end of the tenancy to keep your landlord happy with a 100% guarantee.    

Cheap As Chips Cleaning has been working with management companies and landlords in Melbourne hundreds of times to find out what they want when it comes to letting clean at the end of tenancy. Leave your premises with confidence and know that we will assist you in the professional cleaning of bonds. It has never been easier to get your connection to Cheap As Chip Cleaning because the cleaning service is guaranteed.  

Singhz End of Lease Cleaning is a reliable cleaner with over 10 years of experience in Melbourne, Vic. We have a dedicated end-of-tenancy cleaning team in Melbourne and we are a property cleaning company. Your end-of-tenancy cleaner cleans your fans, air conditioners and cooker hoods to remove dust and dirt that has accumulated over time.    

Cleaning at the end of the lease focuses on thorough cleaning, but you may have several additional tasks to do as part of your lease obligations. It’s a good idea to hire someone to help you before you hand over the keys. It can be carpet cleaning, pest control, outdoor cleaning or gardening.